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File Type, Extension Glossary
A filename contains a file extension like cam, cab, cdx, cfg, cgm, chk, cmf, cmt, com, cpt, cpp, csv, cur which refers to the type of file. Your PC will launch the appropriate program that is associated with each file such as cfg, cgm, chk, cmf, cmt, com, cpt, cpp, csv, cur, cam, cab, cdx.

.c - C programming language source code file. ( file extension .c )

.cab - Microsoft Cabinet format. Highly efficient method of compression and distribution based on Lempe-Ziv compression. ( file extension cab )

.cag - Clip Art Gallery format. Compressed picture format used to store clip art for a variety of Microsoft programs.

.cam - Casio Camera format. Native bitmap format of the Casio QV series digital camera software. ( file extension cam )

.cbt - Computer Based Training format. Microsoft help uses these files in the background of many Microsoft applications.

.cdf - Common Data Format. Scientific data management package that allows application programmers to manage and manipulate scalar, vector, and multi-dimensional data arrays. ( file extension cdf )

.cdf - Cyberspace Description Format. ASCII-based format used for describing virtual worlds. ( file extension cdf )

.cdx - Compound Index file format. Native database index file used by FoxPro. ( file extension cdx )

.ce - Computer Eyes file format. Image files created on a DOS platform with the Computer Eyes video scanner board.

.cfg - Configuration file is used to hold configuration information. The cfg type of file is a common plain text file. CFG files are usually written in ASCII. The cfg file often establish initial settings for computer programs. ( file extension cfg )

.cgm - Computer Graphics Metafile file format. Created by the American National Standards Institute as a universal metafile specification. Although originally intended to include bitmaps, these are generally not supported.

.chk - Native file format created by the MS-DOS Checkdisk program when files are fixed. These files can usually be deleted safely.

.clp - Clipboard file format. Created by Microsoft to save the contents of the Windows clipboard to disk.

.cmf - Creative Music Format. Very similar to the .midi format, except the instrument patches are stored inside the file and are designed for the FM synthesizer only.

.cnt - Content file. A file used in Windows 95 that provides the contents of help files and also points to other help files containing relevant data.

.com - Command file format. A raw binary executable with a file size of under 64K. ( file extension) .cpp - C++ programming language file format.

.cpt - Compact Pro file format. Used for compression and archiving on Macintosh machines.

.cpt - Corel Photo Paint format. Native file format of Corel Photo Paint images.

.csv - Comma separated values (CSV). The .csv file is a computer data file structured in a table format. The lines in a csv file correspond to a row in a table. Individual fields in a csv file are separated by commas. CSV files are handy for moving data between a database program and a spreadsheet program such as Excel.

.cur - Cursor file format. Created by Microsoft for cursors. ( file extension cur )

The end of each filename contains a file extension ( .c program, cam, cab, cdx, cfg, cgm, chk, cmf, cmt, com, cpt, cpp, csv, cur ) which refers to the type of file.
This information is used by your computer operating system to launch an appropriate program that is associated with this file.

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