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File Type, Extension Glossary
    The end of each filename contains a file extension ( dat, daa, dbf, dbf, dir, dll, dvi, dmg, doc, docx ) which refers to the type of file. This information is used by your computer operating system to open an appropriate program that is associated with this file.

.daa - Power ISO Direct Access Archive. ( file extension daa ).

.dbf - Database File format. Native file format of dBASE and most other xBase database programs. ( file extension dbf ).

.dbt - Database Text format. Native file format of dBASE database memo field files.

.dcr - Director format. This is what happens to a Macromedia Director (.dir) file after it has been "shocked" by Macromedia Afterburner in preparation for the Web. ( file extension dcr ).

.dcs - Desktop Color Separation EPS file format. An extension of the standard .eps format developed by Quark. It saves the file into five separate EPS documents which can be read by applications such as QuarkXPress.

.dem - Digital Elevation Model format. Used by the US Geological Survey.

.dat - Data file format. Files containing generic input or output ( file extension .dat ). Dat files can contain data that is in either a text or binary type format. If you have a .dat file that is in a text format you should be able to view the .dat file with a text editor program such as notepad. A dat file can be created by many different programs. Each dat file has a distinct function related to the program that created the dat file. A .dat file can be used in various programs such as antivirus, databse, mail, runtime software, game software etc.

.des - Description format. Used to describe Delphi data in a format understandable both by the user and the program.

.dib - Device Independent Bitmap file format. A Microsoft graphic file format similar to a .bmp.

.dir - Director format. Native movie file format of the Macromedia Director program. ( file extension dir ).

.dlg - Digital Line Graph file format. Used by the US Geological Survey to store geographical data.

.dll - Dynamically Linked Library ( .dll ) format. A library which is linked to application programs when they are loaded or run rather than as the final phase of compilation. DLL is the shared library concept for Microsoft Windows. A dll can contain code, data, and resources. A dll provides the benefit of shared libraries or modularity allowing multiple applications to function with the same dll file. ( file extension dll ).

.dmg - Macintosh disk image.

.dms - Disk Masher System file format. An Amiga-specific compression system for storing floppy disks as one file which can then be transfered via bulletin boards or the Internet for decompression by the reciever. No longer widely used.

.doc - .docx - Document file formats doc and docx are used with Microsoft Word document files and WordPerfect documents. ( file extension docx is Microsoft Office Word 2007 ). In order to open Microsoft Office Word 2007 .docx or .docm files Microsoft Office Word 2003, MS Word 2002, or MS Word 2000, you will need to install the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for 2007 Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint File Formats and any necessary Office updates. The Compatibility Pack will allow you to open, edit some items, and save Office Word 2007 documents in previous versions of Word. The new docx format is not backwards compatible with previous versions of Microsoft Office This problem can be solved by converting your .docx file to the previous .doc format.

.dot - Document Template format. Microsoft Word template file. (file extension).

.dpx - Digital Moving Picture Exchange format. Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers standard file format for Digital Moving Picture Exchange.

.dvi - Digital Video Interactive format. Proprietary movie format utilized by the Action Media II adapter. ( file extension dvi ).

.dwg - Drawing file format. An AutoCAD vector format, used internally, and stored in binary format.

.dxb - Drawing Interchange Binary file format. Used by drawing programs such as AutoShade supplying simple geometric input to AutoCAD.

.dxf - Drawing Exchange Format. ASCII text file format used by AutoCAD programs as a complete representation of an AutoCAD drawing. ( file extension dxf ).

Filenames contain a file extension such as dat, daa, dbf, dbf, dir, dll, dvi, dmg, doc, docx which refer to the specific type of file. The information is used by your PC's operating system to launch an appropriate program that is associated with files like dat, doc, dll and others.

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