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File Type, Extension Glossary
File Extension Type Glossary
Every filename contains a file extension like ftp, ftw, fat32, fla, fbm, fpx, fmp and others that refers to the specific type of file. Info on files like ftp, fla, fpx and others is used by your PC operating system to launch an appropriate program associated with that respective file.

.f - Freeze for Unix and/or Fortran source code file.

.fac - FACE graphics file. ( file extension fac )

.fat32 - FAT32 is the name of the disk format used by iPods that have been formatted for use on Windows. It is the most common file system used by Windows computers. FAT32-formatted iPods can be used on computers running both Windows and the Mac OS. ( file extension fat32 )

.fbm - Fuzzy Bitmap format. Native file format of the Fuzzy pixmap image manipulation and conversion toolkit

.fits - Flexible Image Transport System file format. Originally defined by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) to store and interchange astronomical data between scientific organizations. ( file extension)

.fla - Macromedia. flash movie authorizing file. ( file extension fla )

.flac - Flac is an open-source audio format that uses lossless audio compression, which does not remove any of the original audio data; compresses audio files with no loss in quality. ( file extension flac )

.flc .fli .flx - Flic(x) movie animation file format. Very quick format that uses existing parts of previous frames to allow for faster transition between frames.

.flx - Flex file format. File used with Flexmail software to process data in form requests.

.fmp - AutoCAD Font Map (Autodesk, Inc.)

.fmt - 1-2-3 Lotus; or dBASE IV Format File; or Oracle Text Form Format.

.fn_ - CAD file format.

.fpx - New Kodak format for viewing and manipulating image files. Compare .pcd files. ( file extension )
.frm - Visual Basic Form. ( file extension frm ).

.ftp - FTP is a file extension associated with FTP Voyager Document. ( file extension ftp ).

.ftw - FTW contains family tree data used by Family Tree Maker, a genealogy program that allows you to build and share your family tree. ( file extension ftw ).

.fxp - FoxPro Compiled Source (Microsoft).

The end of each filename contains a file extension ( fla, fat32, ftp, ftw, flc, fits, fmp, fmt, frm, fxp ) which refers to the type of file.
This information is used by your computer operating system to launch an appropriate program that is associated with this file.

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