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File Extension Type Glossary
Every filename contains a file extension like gif, gzip, gds, gmf, gks, gl, gvi, gb and others that refers to the specific type of file. Info on files like gif, gz, gi, gdb and others is used by your PC operating system to launch an appropriate program associated with that respective file.

.gb - Read-only memory (ROM) file containing Game Boy game data. It contains an exact copy of the data from a Nintendo Game Boy cartridge. It can be played on a Mac or PC using Game Boy emulation software. ( filename extension )

.gds - Graphic Design System format. A mask file format in binary for integrated circuit masks. Also known as Calma stream. ( filename extension )

.ged - Genealogical Event Data format. Native format for exchanging lineage-linked data between various genealogy programs.

.gid - Help index files created when Windows help (.hlp) files are accessed to provide a faster search.

.gif - Graphics Interchange Format. A data stream-oriented file format used to define the transmission protocol of LZW-encoded bitmap data. Very popular type of graphic used widely on the Internet. ( filename extension )

.gks - Graphics Kernel System format. Standard specifying the input and output primitives for displaying 2D and 3D graphical data. Although .gks has no native file format, the .cgm format is often closely associated with its use.

.gl - An animation archive format created by the GRASP (Graphical System for Presentation) program that generates large files and is resolution-dependent.

.gmf - Computer Graphics Metafile. Another file extension used interchangeably with .cgm

.grib - Gridded Binary format. Standard format for the storage and interchange of meteorological data.

.grp - Group format. Windows file that groups together objects or other files.( filename extension )

.gry - Raw Grey graphics format. ( filename extension )

.gvi - Video format used by Google Video Player that is similar to an .AVI file. Encoded in DivX4 with an MP3 compressed audio track it can also be played by VLC if the file does not incorporate DRM encryption. ( filename extension )

.gz, .gzip - Gnu Zip file format. UNIX compression utility that compresses a single file at a time. ( filename extension )

The end of each filename contains a file extension ( gif, gzip, gds, gmf, gks, gl, gvi, gb ) which refers to the type of file.
This information is used by your computer operating system to launch an appropriate program that is associated with this file.

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