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File Type Glossary

The end of each filename contains a file extension ( jas, jpg, jpeg, jpc, jzip, jsp ) which refers to the type of file. This information is used by your computer operating system to launch an appropriate program that is associated with this file.

.jas - Compressed image files for 24 bit color and 8 bit gray scale images made by JASC. ( file extension jas ).

.jav - Java Source Code - ( file extension jav ).

.jbig - Joint Bilevel Image Group format. A lossless method for compressing black and white (1-bit) raster image data.

.jdb - Norton AntiVirus Update File from Symantec Corporation. ( file extension .jdb )

.jfi .jfif - JPEG File Interchange Format. A data stream-oriented file format used to define the transmission of JPEG-encoded bitmap data.

.jis - Japanese Industry Standard. Japanese code conversion program for text.

.jpc - Japan Picture format. A type of bitmap. ( file extension jpc )

.jpg, .jpeg - Joint Photographic Experts Group file format. Compressed image file.

.jzip - jZip is a free WinZip alternative. With jzip you can create, open and extract Zip, TAR, GZip and 7-Zip files. You can also open and extract from RAR and ISO with jzip. Home and enterprise users can download jZip absolutely FREE. jZip is an easy to use and fast archiving software as well.

Every filename contains a file extension like jas, jpg, jpeg, jpc, jzip and others that refers to the specific type of file. Info on files like jas, jpg, jpc, jzip and others is used by your PC operating system to launch an appropriate program associated with that respective file.

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