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File Type Extension Listing

The extensions at the end of each filename ( lib, log, lbl, ldb, lst, lic, leg, ltm, lwp, lzh ) refers to the type of file. This file extension list gives information used by your computer operating system to launch the appropriate program associated with the file when you click the filename.

.LBL - Label - dBASE ( file extension lbl ).

.LBM - Deluxe Paint graphics file ( file extension lbm ).

.LDB - Lock file - Microsoft Access ( filename extension ldb ).

.LEG - Legacy document ( filename extension leg ).

.LHA - Filename extension for a PC/Amiga compression format decodable by LHA Expander or MacLHA.

.LHS - Literate Haskell source file.

.LHZ - LHA compression file.

.LIB - Library ( file extension lib ).

.LIC - License file - shareware ( filename extension lic ).

.LOG - The log file usually is an ASCII text file. If a .LOG file is in use by your computer system or a specific program you may not be able to open the log file unless a utility program that you use opens the log file in read-only mode. ( file extension log )

.LST - List ( filename extension lst ).

.LTM - Lotus Form IBM ( file extension ltm ).

.LWP - Lotus Word Pro document ( filename extension lwp ).

.LZH - LHARC compression

.lzs - PC/Amiga compression format ( file extension lzs ).

Filenames contain a file extension such as lnk, lit, lib, log, lbl, ldb, lst, lbm, lwp, ltm, la which refer to the specific type of file. The information is used by your PC's operating system to launch an appropriate program that is associated with files like dat, doc, dll and others.

File Extension Type starting with ....

A         B         C         D         E         F         G        

H         I         J         K         L         M         N        

O         P         Q         R         S         T         U        

V         W         X         Y         Z

Note: File association associates a particular file with a specific application program capable of opening that file. File association specifically associates a class of files determined by their filename extension, Example (.doc) with a corresponding application (such as a word processor).

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