alphaN (2K)
File Extension Type Listing
The end of each filename contains a file extension ( nav, nds, nap, net, ntf, ndx ) which refers to the type of file. This information is used by your computer operating system to launch an appropriate program that is associated with this file.

.NAP - Copy-protected music file from Napster's subscription-based music download service. It was developed jointly by Napster and Playmedia Systems as a secure music format. It protects music copyrights by limiting the systems on which each file can be played ( file extension nap ).

.NAV - Adds additional functionality and file support to MSN application programs ( file extension nav).

.NBF - this file extension type identifies the Nokia PC Suite Windows application. These .NBF files are backup copies of the memory on Nokia phones copied onto SD cards.

.NDS - Game ROM of a Nintendo DS ( NDS ) video game. NDS uses two screens, one that is touch sensitive and playable on a PC using a Nintendo DS emulator. ( filename extension nds )

.NDX - Index - dBASE

.NET - Network file ( filename extension net ).

.NFO - File type nfo can designate a Novell netware folio help file format. An .nfo extension is sometimes used to denote an information file and can be opened with a text editor. ( file extension .nfo )

.NG - Norton Guide documentation

.NLM - NLM program - NetWare

.NOTEBOOK - Notebook created with SMART Board Tools. It may contain text, images, audio and video files, Flash animations, and other objects. It is often used with SMART Notebook whiteboarding software for educational purposes.

.NS4 - A database file created by Lotus Notes 4.x, It may contain a list of contacts, e-mail messages, text notes, a calendar, and other information. The Notes program may also be used for instant messaging.

.NRG - File type nrg can designate a Norton registration entry. NRG file can also signafy a Nero software CD/DVD image file format. ( file extension .nrg )

.NT - System file such as CONFIG.NT or AUTOEXEC.NT that is loaded during the Windows NT boot process. It contains settings and scripts that load resources for the Windows operating system. It must not be modified, moved, or deleted or the computer may not be able to start up.

.NTF - Notes Template File - Lotus Notes database ( filename extension ntf ).

Filenames contain a file extension such as nrg, nfo, nrl, nsf, nzb, nef, nc, nav, nds, nap, net, ntf, ndx which refer to the specific type of file. The information is used by your PC's operating system to launch an appropriate program that is associated with files like nrg, nfo, nds, nrl and others.

File Extension Type starting with ....

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H         I         J         K         L         M         N        

O         P         Q         R         S         T         U        

V         W         X         Y         Z

Note: File association associates a particular file like .ntf with a specific application program capable of opening that file. File association specifically associates a class of files determined by their filename extension, Example: ( .ntf ) with a corresponding application (such as a lotus notes).

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