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File Type, Extension Glossary

    The end of each filename contains a file extension ( swf, snp, sit, sys, sql, sig, scr, sid, swi ) which refers to the type of file. This information is used by your computer operating system to launch an appropriate program that is associated with this file.

.s3m - Scream Tracker 3.x sound format. Edits up to 32 digital tracks, 255 instruments, allows for 16 bit ADPCM packed stereo samples, 9 Adlib FM channels (only playable on SB or SB Pro) and 8 octaves. ( file extension s3m ).

.saf - Standard Archive Format.

.scr - Screensaver file. These files can be found in your operating system directory and contain the source for your screensaver. ( file extension ).

.sdml - Spatial Data Modeling Language format. Used for storing CAD and GIS data such as found in Landscape Planning, Design, and Architectural databases.

.sdn - Shareware Distribution Network format. Archive format.

.sea - Self Extracting Archive file format. A Macintosh file format similar to the PC .exe file format.

.sf - Stream Format. A record format read and written to by CAD programs. See also .gds format.

.sgi - Silicon Graphics Image format. Native file format of the limage image library found on Silicon Graphics workstations. Also known as .rgb format.

.shar - Shell Archive. Shell script that expands into several files. ( file extension shar ).

.shg - Segmented Hyper-Graphic format. Used by Microsoft in the WinHelp on-line help facility found in Windows 3.1 to save a graphic and store the coordinates of specific areas known as "hotspots". When the user selects a hotspot, WinHelp jumps to another part of the help documentation via a hyper-text link macro stored in the .shg file.

.shk - ShrinkIt file format. An Apple II compression/archiving format.

.shtml - Server side HyperText Markup Language. An HTML document that contains extra information for server side includes. This has no effect on viewing the document. ( file extension ).

.sig - Small text file that can be automatically attached to the end of e-mail messages; usually includes the sender's name and e-mail address. ( file extension sig ).

.sit - Stuff It file format .sit is a common Macintosh archiving and compression format. StuffIt Compressed Archive File is identified by the sit file extension. The sit format is a popular compression format on the Apple Macintosh. Newer Stuffit X-compressed files carry the file extension .sitx ( sit file extension information ).

.snd - Sound. A file format used by a variety of different computers.

.spiff - Still Picture Interchange File Format. Intended to replace the .jfif file format, adding features (more colorspaces, a recognized way of including text blocks, etc.), and provding a backwards-compatability allowing SPIFF files to be read my most JPEG/JFIF decoders.

.srg - Software Self-Registry File (Microsoft Corporation).

.sql - Database file written in SQL (Structured Query Language); can be read by any SQL-compatible database program, such as FileMaker, MS Access, or MySQL.

.sqz - Squeeze It format. A file compressor and archiver that supports security envelopes, list files and creates self-extracting archives.

.swf - Macromedia flash animation file format .swf - shockwave flash presentations use the .swf file type. The swf file is the actual file that plays the flash animation on the browser ( file extension swf ).

.swi - Swish Data File or .swi is used in flash animation software to create flash movies quickly and easily. SWiSH Max2 files, swi, or SWiSH miniMax2 files, swi, are file extensions createdby these software products to produce flash animations.( file extension swi ).

.sys - System file. The .sys file is utilized by the Windows OS to perform system operations. ( file extension sys explanation ).

Filenames contain a file extension such as swf, snp, sit, sys, sql, sig, scr, sid, swi and others which refers a specific type of file. This file information is used by your PC's operating system to launch an appropriate program that is associated with that file. There are many sys files on your PC. Your windows system32 sub-directory has several important files like mpfilter. sys file and the msfwdrv. sys file. The sys file mpfilter and the sys msfwdrv driver are part of the Microsoft Windows OneCare Live system. Files such as swi and swf are flash animated file types.

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