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File Type, Extension Glossary
    The end of each filename contains a file extension ( xml, xps, xls, xsd, xlsx, xpi, xlr, and .x ) which refers to the type of file. This information is used by your computer operating system to open files with an appropriate program that is associated with this file type. Example: file type xls will launch Microsoft Excel.

.xa - Playstation Video (Sony Corporation of America). ( file extension xa )

.xbm - X11 bitmap file format. Native file format of the X Window System used for storing cursor and icon bitmaps that are used in the X Window interface. XBM files are actually C language source files that are created to be read by a C compiler rather than a graphical display program. ( file extension xbm )

.xdb - Norton AntiVirus Update File (Symantec) .xdp - Xdataplot. These files contain only the name of the data file to which they refer. This allows viewing of large sequential datasets like those generated by electrophysiological recording.

.xfdf - Acrobat Forms Document (Adobe). ( file extension )

.xgo - Paradox Database related file .

.xif - Wang image file .

.xls - Excel Spreadsheet format. The xls file format is the native file format used by the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program. XLS files have data stored in rows and columns within the spreedsheet. The xls files of Excel were replaced with xlsx files in Microsoft Office 2007. The xls format also supports embedded graphic objects in the xls excel spreadsheet. ( file extension xls information )

.xlsx - file extension for Excel Spreadsheets. XLSX is based on the Open XML data format. xlsx was introduced for Excel 2007. You can convert xlsx to xls.

.xm - Extended Module format. Used by UNIX-type OSs for music. Also known as Fasttracker II format.

.xml - Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a simple, very flexible text format derived from SGML (ISO 8879). .xpm - X11 pixmap file format. Standard for storing monochome, gray-scale, and color pixmap data to disk under the X Window system. These files, like .xbm files, are C source code files, with each pixmap being defined as a static char array.

.xps - XPS as designed as a replacement for the Enhanced Metafile (.EMF) format; it is similar to a .PDF file, but is based on XML instead of the PostScript language.

.xsql - Oracle XSQL Servlet XSQL Template File (Oracle Corporation).

.xwd - X Window Dump format. Used to store screen dumps created by the xwd client process in the X Window System. The image of any window or the background may be saved (dumped) to an .xwd file extension.

.xwp - Xerox Writer Text File ( file extension xwp ).

.xws - Crosstalk for Windows Script ( file extension xws ).

    Each filename contains a file extension ( xa, xbm, xdb, xls, xlsx, xps, xlr, xml, xlsm, xfd, xpi, xsd ) that describes to the operating system the type of file and how to open file. This information is used by your computer to launch an appropriate program associated with this file like an excel spreadsheet with the xls or xlsx file type.
    There is software available on the market to repair xls or xlsx file types. You can also convert your xls or xlsx file extension into the very common pdf file format. Microsoft also offers an excel viewer that will alow you to view the xls file.

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