alphaY (2K)
File Type Glossary
Each filename contains a file extension like ybk, ycp, yps, yg0, yg1 yg2, yif, ypl, y01, y02, y03, ysp which refers to the specific type of file. Your PC operating system will launch an appropriate program that is associated with files such as img. Programs related to Encarta Yearbook, ASCII art, Yahoo Instant Messenger, paradox and many other programs.

.y - Yabba format. Compression file for UNIX operating systems. ( file extension ).

.ybk - Encarta Yearbook

.ycp - Image ASCII art

.yps - Yahoo Instant Messenger

.ysp - Bitmap Graphic

.yg0, yg1, yg2 - Paradox Secondary Index ( file extension ).

.yif - Graphic

.ypl - Yahoo Player Playlist ( file extension ).

.y01, y02, y03 - Paradox Secondary Index ( file extension ).

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