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What makes Flash a Special Web Design Tool ?

    Flash answers designer's need for more graphics and control of these graphics. Vector images are used to keep file sizes down and are scalable as well. Streaming capabilities are possible with Flash thereby allowing some elements to display immediately upon download while more information continues to travel over the Internet.
    Animation in Flash consists of text, images, and navigation elements such as buttons and menus. You can export Flash to other formats such as QuickTime or Windows .avi movies.
    Whether you want a banner ad that grabs your attention or buttons for navigation or some animated images, Flash will go a long way toward helping you create an expressive, exciting web site.

What is Streaming?
    Many people lack the patience to wait for a large website to download. Flash streams the content of your web site over the Internet. This streaming process means that as some of the graphics and text on your website downloads, Flash can quickly display it while the rest of your data continues to download to your browser. As Flash plays the first frames of your movie, the subsequent frames keep loading into your browser.

How Does Flash Actually Create Animation?
    Flash creates the illusion of movement by using standard animation techniques. A series of still images are created with slight differences in each subsequent image. As the images are rapidly displayed, one after another, the illusion of movement takes effect. The Flash animation tools help the graphic designer to create and synchronize the animation of many graphic images and sounds.

What are the Flash File Formats?
    Flash files are often referred to as movies. These movies are created in the Flash software with a file extension .fla. These fla files need to be converted to a file format that a flash player can display and thereby be viewable over the internet. These viewable flash files end with the file extension .swf. The swf file is a shockwave flash file.