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then, well, well then

Allora, non scrivete piu`
now then, don't write any more.

Allora, dove andiamo ?
well now, where are we going ?

yet, still, even, more, again

non sono ancora arrivati
they arent here yet.

mio fratello era ancora in casa quando sono uscito.
my brother was still at home when I

E sua sorella e` ancora piu carina
and her sister is even prettier.

Ancora due, per favore
two more, please.

L`ho visto ancora una volta ieri
I saw him (once) again yesterday.

to go. It is heard most often in the form 'va'.

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    Italian is a Romance language derived from Latin and spoken mainly in Europe. Unlike most other Romance languages it retains Latin's contrast between short and long consonants. The Italian language is widely taught in many schools around the world.

Italian vowels are always pronounced very clearly. When vowels are grouped together in a word,
they are always pronounced separately. Most consonants are pronounced as in English. Italian is a phonetic language which means that it is spoken the way it is written. Italian and English share the Latin alphabet.

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