Internet Terminology

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MB (Megabyte)
In data communications, a megabyte is one million bytes (1,048,576 bytes to be exact). Byte - a group of eight binary digits processed as a unit by a computer and used especially to represent an alphanumeric character.

An on-screen display that lists available choices.

Merchant Account
An Internet merchant account allows a merchant to process credit cards online and to have the funds electronically transferred into his/her bank account.

Merchant Payment Center
A merchant payment center consolidates and automates the tasks of establishing a merchant bank account and accessing a payment gateway for online transaction processing.

Meta Tag  *
The meta tag is part of the HEAD of an HTML document and provides information that describes the document in various ways.  The attributes of the meta tag are not displayed when the document is loaded into a browser to view.  However, search engine spiders that help identify and index the sites can extract meta tags.

MHz (Megahertz)
A million cycles of electromagnetic currency alternation per second and is used as a unit of measure for the "clock speed" of computer microprocessors.

Microsoft FrontPage Extensions
FrontPage extensions are available on both Unix and NT in order for you to use the FrontPage web site creation software to build your web site. Support for FrontPage software is provided by Microsoft.

Short for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, a specification for formatting non-ASCII messages so that they can be sent over the Internet. Many e-mail programs now support MIME, which enables them to send and receive graphics, audio, and video files via the Internet mail system. In addition, MIME supports messages in character sets other than ASCII.

Stands for MOdulator/DEModulator - a device that translates the digital information from your computer into analogue signals that can be passed down an ordinary telephone line. This allows one computer to 'talk' to another computer using the telephone line as a medium.

Monospaced Font
A typeface in which the width of each character is the same.

One of the first graphical browsers. Developed by the NCSA, this browser fueled the growth of the Web. It is available in versions for Windows, Mac, and UNIX.

The original name for Netscape's browser, now called Navigator. Some people claim that the term is a contraction of Mosaic Godzilla (e.g., Mosaic killer), since Mosaic was the number one web browser at the time Netscape began developing its product. The term Mozilla is still used by many web developers and appears in server log files that identify the browsers being used.

Documents that combine text, graphics, sound, movies, or other media.

A true multi-user, multi-threaded SQL (Structured Query Language) database server. SQL is the most popular database language in the world. MySQL is a client/server implementation that consists of a server daemon mysqld and many different client programs/libraries.

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