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    Rubrics are scoring guides that are used to define criteria by which you can judge student performance. Rubrics provide for increased consistency in the rating of performances, products and understandings. It gives students an established set of expectations upon which they will be assessed and standards that they need to meet. Rubrics also protect students against evaluator's biases.
    Rubrics guidelines, types, scoring, scale, examples, definition, and templates for teachers can be established in any subject like creative writing, speaking, essay projects, poetry, mathematics, geography, english, science, history, social studies just to name a few curriculums.

Score: 5

Accomplished Writing
- Focused on topic
- Logical progression of ideas
- Sentence structure varied
- Mature understanding of writing conventions
- Specific details

Score: 4

Proficient Writing
- Focused on topic and includes few, if any, loosely related ideas
- Transitional devices strengthen organization
- Occasional errors; word choice is adequate
- Commonplace understanding of writing conventions
- Some specific details; support is loosely developed

See (Score 3 - Basic Writing)   (Score 2 - Limited Writing)   (Score 1 - Poor Writing)
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