Alta Vista Search Engine

Tips for Better Search Engine Rankings

Insight on how the AltaVista search engine works:

1. AltaVista will not 'deep crawl' your website automatically (only 'important' sites have this done automatically), however you can directly submit each page of your web site via the Alta Vista online form. This method takes about 2-3 months to appear in the index."

When they refer to "Important sites," most likely that translates to the web site's link popularity. Link popularity is one of the most common ways to determine how important a site is. This is just another reason to do everything you can to improve your link popularity.

Most experts recommend submitting five or fewer URLs per day to AltaVista, with one URL per day being the favored strategy.

2. The most important criteria for search ranking results is to include keywords in:
     a. The domain name of your website.
     b. The file name of a given web page.
     c. The first line of text on the page.
     d. The title of the web page."

There is some belief that the AltaVista search engine may place special emphasis on the first line of text on any given web page. Therefore, be sure to include your most important keywords in the first sentence or two of your web page in order to improve your odds of achieving a top ranking for your website.

3. Meta keyword and description tags count for very little in the search engine criteria.
The low relevancy of the meta keyword and description tags is not only true for AltaVista, but for most other major search engines. In fact, over half the major search engines ignore the tags altogether. Instead, they look at other criteria for ranking pages. Therefore, don't be fooled into the belief that simply including your keywords in the meta tags will launch your website to the top of the search engine results list.

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