Geography 101

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    If you calculate total land area, the United States is the world's 3rd. largest country behind Russia and China. There are 5 Great Lakes located in the north-central portion of the United States. Four of these Great Lakes form part of the border with Canada. The Great Plains lie west of the Mississippi River and east of the Rocky Mountains.

    The United States has three major mountain ranges - The Appalachian Mountains, Rocky Mountains and Sierra Nevada mountains. The lowest elevation point in the United States is Death Valley, Inyo County, California where it is -282 feet below sea level while the highest elevation point is Mount McKinley, in Alaska which is 20,320 feet above sea level.

    The total U.S. inland waterway including protected coastal routes is approximates 25,000 miles. Over half of the 25,000 miles has a minimum depth of 9 feet. The largest system of the U.S. inland waterway is based on the Mississippi river which is navigable for about 1,800 miles from New Orleans to Minneapolis.

    The Midwest and Great Plains area experiences frequent and severe thunderstorms and tornado outbreaks during spring and summer with as many as 1,000 tornadoes occurring each year. The area of land from north Texas north to Kansas and east into Tennessee is known as Tornado Alley. The American Northwest has the highest concentration of active volcanoes in the United States, in Washington, Oregon and northern California along the Cascade Mountains. California and southern Alaska are particularly vulnerable to earthquakes.

    The total population of the USA from the 2010 census was 308,745,538 people.

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