Meta Tag Information

Meta tags can be used to specify to search engines how you want your document to be indexed.  It contains valuable information for search robots to use in adding your pages to their search indexes.  In the absence of any other information, some search engines will index all words in your document (except for comments), and will use the first few words (e.g. 250 characters) as a short abstract to serve back.  But meta tags can be used to specify additional keywords and a short description, which can be used to index the web page and therefore control the indexing of the web site.

Common Types of meta tags

Keywords are used by search engines to make the page more easily searchable. You would put words that are used on the page that best describe the page.

The description is used by search engines to provide a short synopsis of the page. You would put a sentence or two that describes what the page is about.

There is also a meta tag that provides a slightly different function. These types of meta tags actually tell the Web server or browser to do something with or to the page. The most common of this type of meta tag is the Refresh tag. It is used to either refresh the current page or move the browser focus to an entirely new page.

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