SSI Tutorial
• Server - the computer where your web pages are stored.

• Side - distinction between (client side) and (server side). JavaScript commands for example make your web browser do some sort of work on the (client side). (Server Side) commands, on the other hand, occur within a program that runs on your server, not your browser.

• Includes - some action is taken by your web server thereby generating output that is included in the html document that is served up to a browser.

Server Side Includes Tutorial

    SSI - Enabling
    SSI - Examples
    SSI - Comments
    SSI - Commands
    SSI - Creating Buttons
    SSI - Formatting Dates
    SSI - Execute Programs
    SSI - Including Files

SSI Enabling
If your server is already SSI enabled, all that needs to be done to call SSI from any web page is to give the web page a file name extension of .shtml instead of the usual .html or htm. This causes the SSI enabled server to scan the web page looking for comments which are, in fact, commands that tell the server to perform certain tasks before it displays the web page. This process of scanning the page is known as parsing.

SSI Examples:

Today's date and time is
   Monday, 01-Jan-2001 12:30:02 EST
This web page file name is
The link you used to get here is 
Your browser & PC's operating system is
  Mozilla/4.08 [en] (Win95; I)
The Greenwich Mean Time is
   Monday, 01-Jan-2001 17:30:02 GMT
This web page file size is
or 40,354 bytes
Your IP number is
This page was last modified on
   Wednesday, 29-Mar-2000 15:02:24 EST


The syntax for the comment in the .shtml file is:
    <!--comment -->
This comment tag allows a web page designer to insert comments into the .html or .shtml file without having those comments displayed when the browser serves up the page.

Any <!--#comment --> which includes the # pound sign is interpreted by the SSI enabled server as a command rather than as a comment. Since it is in the form of a comment, it does not get displayed by the browser. Since it has the pound sign it is interpreted as a command and the results of that command are then displayed by the browser. Commands can vary widely from server to server but the 'echo' command is one of the most common. "Echo" returns to the .shtml document the results of the command.

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